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Meet Richard

Certified Health Coach & Nutrition Expert

     All my certifications are just an add-on to my personal health journey.  Many years back, I was an unhealthy overweight endurance cyclist, riding (pedaling) 250 miles a week, and eating whatever I wanted.  Please do not let anyone tell you that “you can eat whatever you want because you’ll burn it off cycling”. 


Yikes!  I cannot believe I fell for that…


     Ultimately, with the physical strain and stress that I was creating from the demands I put on my body…  Lead to waking up one Saturday morning experiencing a mild heart attack…  I thought it was gas.


     This experience started my health journey.  My eye’s were opening to so many new discoveries about me as a Whole Person.  To the point now where my main drive is to help others to achieve their highest ambitions for themselves. 


     My pursuit for Whole Person health has never stopped.  With so many new discoveries around the medical benefits from eating a real food diet.  If we end up working together, I will very much enjoy entering that arena with you.

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